Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I like mushy peas

Still catching you up on my British adventure, mates! (hmm, "mates" may be more Australian - I never was any good at accents) Another classic British meal - Fish and Chips!

To get some fish and chips, Meredith and I headed off to Borough Market (more on that later). We went to eat at the fish! kitchen - where sustainable fishing and classic fried goodness meet and are friends.

There were lots of choices, but we went with the classic fish and chips with mushy peas. That's the whole point of this excursion, after all. I was doing my best to hit all the great British meals. Just for you, dear readers! Just for you.

We started with some organic beer! Why? Because it was the only British beer on the menu, that's why.

Meredith said that mushy peas and "chips" weren't enough vegetables, so we ordered this "rocket" and tomato salad.

"Rocket" is British for arugula, apparently. It was nice. There seem to be a dearth of fresh vegetables in meals in Britain. I think they're anti-salad (and I can relate. But still).

On to the main course!

The fish was delicious: white and flaky with a crisply battered crust. I was glad we were sharing because I could feel it making me fat as I ate. I passed on most of the chips - British chips are horrid soggy things. Meredith ordered them extra crispy, but they were not crispy at all.

To me, the biggest revelation was the mushy peas! They weren't that mushy - in fact, the texture was great, sort of a puree with larger firm bits of pea. They were very well seasoned (an anomaly in Britain, I hear). Meredith says they're not always that good, which is a bummer. But these were just plain yummy.

Onto the rest of the Borough Market.....


Becky said...

Amazing...I am so jealous. Since joining WW I have only had fish and chips once and that was in London...only place to get them.

Meredith said...

Yeah, I liked those mushy peas and usually I don't like them at all. These had whole bits of peas in them- usually they are more like starchy babyfood.
It really is sad about the chips though. I've actually had English friends tell me they crave soggy chips. Ugh.

David Borgen said...

a blog on british cuisine...kinda oxymoronic...