Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good lord, this is ridiculous

It happens against my best intentions. I want to blog, but I work 37 hours a week at school and then I agreed to house manage a show (part time), downtown, really far away from school (travel time is a bitch) and then rehearsals (in Brooklyn! Oy vey) started for the play that I'm performing in and soon, there's nothing left but an empty shell of Lena skin (sorry for the gross imagery - I'm so tired).

But I start getting these emails/facebook posts saying "why don't you blog? Haven't read anything in a while..." in which case I feel a) guilty and b) excited that people actually read my blog and care if I don't update it. So here we go.

Sometimes on my days off, I sleep for 13 hours and then cook all day. One of things I decided to cook all day was pie. I had one and a half containers of blueberries (Zack ate some. Curses) and a container of gooseberries which I had little idea what to do with, except make a pie.

I decided to try a new pie crust recipe from the Pioneer Woman. It called for Crisco and I had just realized how much of that I had in my pantry.

I also decided to use my pastry cutter instead of my food processor (or my fingers). It was use all the random things in my kitchen day.

That was back when I had a manicure. Good times. This pie crust recipe made three discs like this.

I used two and put one back in the freezer. I rolled out one for the pie pan and set the second one aside.

Then I combined my berries, some sugar (enough to coat the berries - gooseberries are sour), a dash of nutmeg, a few Tablespoons of flour (to make the insides of the pie thicker), put them in the pie crust and laid some pats of butter on top.

I covered it with my second pie crust. It broke, but I just smushed it back together and cut a few slits on top so that it didn't explode in the oven.

35ish minutes at 400 degrees later and bam! I had pie.

The crust was amazing - flaky like nobody's business (although I kind of missed the butter taste). The filling was sweet and just a little bit tart. It was juicy and went perfectly with the crust. Look at those pretty berries!

I wish I could say I brought this somewhere to share, but really, Zack and I ate the whole thing (mostly Zack). If you come over for dinner, maybe I'll make it again.


Jill said...

Pioneer Woman took my nickname :-) That pie crust does look mighty flaky...I'd put it around a chicken pot pie! Mmmm!

Jill said...

Oh, and if you miss the butter flavor, they have butter flavored Crisco :-) Just remembered...I have a couple sticks in my kitchen somewhere...

Jill (you know me as Mazeppa)

Meredith said...

Looks yummy. Yeah, I like at least some butter for the flavor...