Monday, February 15, 2010

Another year, another fancy meal

You totally wish you were my Valentine. If you were my Valentine, you would have gotten this lovely 5 course homemade meal.

I pulled out all the stops. I put down place mats. I even made a tiny candle holder out of a shot glass and orzo.

I'm so inventive. As you saw before, here was the first course - a salad made of avocado, mango, blood orange and strawberries.

It was followed by Angel Hair with homemade Pesto. I love pesto.

Next came lamb rib chops with turnip gratin. See the nice plating? That's from watching a lot of Top Chef.

The turnip gratin had cream, garlic and gruyere cheese. Look how yummy it looks.

Yeah, it's good.

Then we had a cheese course (we're so French).

The cheese was from the Essex Street Market. Very fancy sheep's milk from a local dairy. Love it.

We ended with Panna Cotta with raspberries. I marinated the raspberries in meyer lemon juice and sugar. Panna Cotta was Zack's favorite dessert when we were in Paris, so I thought that would be nice.

He's pretty happy about it.

He brought me fancy chocolates. We were too full to eat them, but it was very nice.

I hope you're having a 3 day weekend! I'm not and neither is Zack. Whoops.

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Meredith said...

I wish I was your valentine!

Everything looks amazing- it's fun to see the wedding china out!