Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love Julia

So, long before this Julie and Julia movie craze happened, I was a devoted fan of both Julies - Powell and Child. I read Julie and Julia and My Life in France long before Nora Ephron ever decided to make Julie Powell bland and not very funny and Julia Child into a national obsession. So, years before all this (back in 2006), when I first read Julie Powell's book, I said "Hey, I want to go see Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian" because it's on display there, don't cha know. Fortunately, the boy I was dating (who is now my husband, yes) had parents who lived in the Washington DC area! "Let's go!" I proclaimed! Zack, ever the pragmatist, made me look up the hours on the website, where we found....that the exhibit was closed. For years.

Finally! It's years later. I'm in DC with Zack for the Xmas holidays and his parents very graciously offer to take us to the Smithsonian so that I can finally see Julia Child kitchen (almost four years later). Let me tell you, it is a cool kitchen.

It doesn't look like much, but just think of all the cool things made in here! Plus, it is very well thought out and designed for Julia specifically. For those of you who don't know, this is Julia's actual kitchen from her house in Cambridge, moved and recreated in the Smithsonian. I love all the pots hanging on the wall. She had a whole pegboard wall for all her things so that she could find them.

In case you were wondering, this is what I dream about my kitchen looking like. Except there is also a kitchen island. It is my lifelong dream to have a kitchen island. Sigh.

I got very caught up watching the video on Julia Child while I was there. Zack got bored and left me there but I just liked it so much. Why don't I own any French Chef dvds? I should have asked for some for Xmas.....


Abigail said...

I too want a kitchen island. Or a tropical one. I'll settle for either.

David Borgen said...

maybe in your new home, eh?
did you also leave a pound of butter as an offering?

Mikochan said...

I *also* want a kitchen island. I love her kitchen too - that pot rack. I want it. My organizing OCDness would have a field day.

Beth said...

Ooo! The Julia Child exhibit is actually up now! I remember when I was there, they only had the items from her kitchen, but not the real kitchen :)